Return policies

How do I return my order?                                                                                              
We want to delight our customers. Please send us a message with your order number. We will then let you know how to return your order.                                                                                                        
How long do you offer return?                                                                                       
We offer 60 days as we want to make sure our customers take the time to be fully satisfied with our products.                                                                                             
How easy it is to return the product if needed ?                                                           

We are based in Dublin, Ireland, very close to you! Please don't be worry, send us a mail, and we will take you through the process. We are also consumers and there is nothing more frustrating than having issues to return a product when it was purchased from exotic countries companies based. We treat our customers as our partners because you are our ambassadors, be reassured. we will do our best to support you