Our Story

 The story behind Koss Design

Hi, I'm Tom, the founder and designer behind Koss Design.

Our story is deeply personal. It's about finding the courage to chase your dreams and do what truly sets your heart alight. We took a leap of faith to make that happen.

After years in marketing, my wife, Janine, and I decided to pursue a passion we both shared, a dream I'd held since childhood: creating unique and different jewelry that empowers women to feel beautiful and feminine.

Køss Design is named after the Norwegian word "Køs," which refers to those moments of intense well-being and perfect harmony. This sense of Køs is the driving force behind our brand, established in late 2019 as a small family business with French roots.

 Our mission is to bring you unique accessories that add color and sweetness to your life. Since our beginnings, we've been fortunate to serve over 30,000 customers, maintain a stellar rating of 4.8/5 on Trustpilot and 4.9/5 on Etsy, and cultivate a vibrant community of over 35,000 followers across our social media platforms.

We're also proud to offer our jewelry in seven physical stores, including two showrooms in Paris and Dijon, in France. 

At Koss Design, we are dedicated to offering jewelry with a unique and distinctive style. Our creations feature authentic Japanese beads, which differ from traditional round beads. These flat beads provide a modern and chic look, adding a touch of originality and sophistication to each piece. Inspired by the timeless beauty of colors and beads, each piece of jewelry becomes a daily luxury that enhances your style without overwhelming it.

This is why we typically produce limited-edition collections in individual colorways, prioritizing sustainable production practices. Only a select few pieces are ever recreated.

We use only authentic Japanese beads to ensure the highest quality.

Tom and Janine, founders of Koss Design, during their annual visit to the Japanese bead factory in Tokyo.

Orders are shipped quickly worldwide from our logistics partner in France.

A Word from the Heart

Courage is the magic that turns wishes into reality. Pursue what makes you happy, whatever path you choose. Life is precious, after all!

Thank you so much for reading our story. We sincerely hope you find joy in our jewelry. Do feel free to reach out to us at support@kossdesign.com with any special requests or suggestions. We're constantly striving to improve and value your input!

Thank you again for your time.

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