Our Story

As teenagers and grown-up adults, we had some self-confidence issues, we found it difficult to feel comfortable in our skin, and we quickly understood the world out there is no easy to deal with.

As we were looking for an identity to allow us to bring the best version of our selves, we realized, we didn't have the Køs. 

Køs in Norwegian means feeling comfy at ease with everyone, feeling safe and empowered.
Years later, Køs is the engine for our brand, our purpose is built towards this goal.

We strive to build a brand that provides self-confidence and helps our customers to feel empowered with our unique accessories.

Our mission is to provide people with accessories with powerful effects which inspire them to feel stronger and more comfortable in their day today. 

We are Koss Design, historically an offline brand based in Ireland with French and Nordic origins! 
We have decided that it was time to bring our values online. 

We strive to delight our customers by bringing accessories which help our customers to be at their best and feel confident. 

Our heart and soul go into every piece we sell as our mission is to provide Køs to all our customers. 

We understood that what matters the most at the end of the day is how you feel, and it only comes with the confidence you bring with you, this is how Koss Design helps. 

Since we are a small company, the selection remains manageable. We try to sell products that are beautiful, timeless and minimalistic. Good quality at affordable prices as we want the large majority to be empowered. 

We pay attention to detail as the difference is between daring style and routing fashion. We strive to combine the best of both world, elegant accessories linked to powerful effects.  

Furthermore, we don't just provide accessories that bring style to everyday life, we provide accessories that will hold up to all the activities and routines you pack into that everyday life. 

We treat our customers as partners. By being open, direct, and honest with you, we hope to enforce authenticity and transparency and build an unshakeable loyalty because we appreciate you.

Welcome to a brand that will help you feel comfortable and develop your self-confidence.

Welcome to Koss Design, we hope you will enjoy your journey with us.